Workshop with Professor Robert Rupert, Friday August 9th, 2013

July 22, 2013 in New Research, News, Uncategorized by Orestis Palermos

On Friday August 9th, in room S38 at 7 George Square there will be an one-day EIDYN workshop on Robert Rupert’s paper “Embodiment, Consciousness, and the Massively Representational Mind”. 

Robert Rupert (Colorado) is Visiting Professor in Mind and Cognition, and will be with us from July 28th until August 18th.

The workshop is free but places are limited, so (unless you are a speaker/commentator) it is essential to sign up in advance, by emailing Andy Clark at the address below.

The meeting will take place in S38 at 7 George Square. We’ll meet there around 10AM for coffee and biscuits, then kick off at 1030 with Rob presenting his paper, followed by open discussion.

Lunch break is from 1 to 2 pm, then afternoon sessions from 2 until around 530, with short (15 min) comments from:

Joe Dewhurst

Robert O’Shaughnessy

Mario Villalobos

Zoe Drayson (Stirling)

Orestis Palermos

and possibly also from:

David Carmel (Psychology, Edinburgh)

Enquiries to: Andy Clark