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The Project

The Extended Knowledge Project was a major three-year AHRC-funded programme of research (2013-2015). It offered, for the first time, a systematic exploration of the various different ways of ‘externalising’ knowledge, by drawing on cutting-edge research in epistemology and the philosophy of mind and cognition. On the basis of this systematic exploration it then offered a new perspective on two particularly significant ways in which knowledge can be thought to be ‘extended’–viz., the extended cognition and distributed cognition research programmes as they apply to knowledge. In both cases the result is a form of extended knowledge, where what is unique to the latter is that the extension in question is distinctively social. The project helped establish an international network of around fifty researchers, including both established and early career. It drew on the unique research strengths in the University of Edinburgh, not only within Philosophy in the areas of epistemology and philosophy of mind and cognitive science, but also within the School of Philosophy, Psychology & Language Sciences and the neighbouring School of Informatics in the area of cognitive science. The project was hosted by the Eidyn research centre.

Details about the different phases of the project and the more specific topics can be found here.

Project Details

Project Team

Principal Investigator: Prof Duncan Pritchard FRSE

Co-Investigators: Prof Andy Clark FRSE & Dr Jesper Kallestrup

Postdoctoral Fellows: Dr J. Adam Carter & Dr S. Orestis Palermos

Project Location

The project was hosted by the Eidyn research centre, which belongs to the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences. We can be found in the Dugald Stewart Building. The building is named after the Scottish philosopher and Edinburgh graduate, and is located at the heart of the university’s central campus.


If you wish to contact us our address is:

Eidyn: The Edinburgh Centre for Epistemology, Mind and Normativity
The University of Edinburgh, Dugald Stewart Building
3 Charles Street Edinburgh

t: +44 (0)131 651 3191
f: +44 (0)131 651 3190
e: &

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