Cathal O’Madagain (Institut Jean-Nicod): “Deferring to Groups”

Diana Raffman (University of Toronto): “Deference, Disagreement; and Divergence: the Case of Vague Words”

Paul Egré (CNRS, Institut Jean Nicod): “Shared meaning and conventional meaning: when experts defer to lay people’s”

Joey Pollock (University of Edinburgh): “Social Externalism and the Problem of Communication”judgments”

Orestis Palermos and Adam Carter (University of Edinburgh), “Group Knowledge, Testimony and Peer-Disagreement”

Simon Prosser (St. Andrews): “Shared Modes of Presentation”

  • Workshop: ‘Extended Knowledge: Virtue, East Meets West’, 2 June, 2014.

To visit the workshop website click here.

Confirmed speakers: Chienkuo Mi (Soochow University, Taiwan), Eric Hutton (University of Utah), Cheng-Hung Tsai (Soochow University, Taiwan), Mark Alfano (University of Oregon).

More speakers to be announced soon!

To register for the workshop, please follow this link.

  • 2nd Extended Knowledge Workshop – ‘Varieties of Externalism’

This second invite-only workshop took place on October 18 2013 at David Hume Tower, Conference Room.

The aim of this second workshop were to explore the different varieties of ‘externalism’ both in epistemology and philosophy of mind. Indicatively, some of the specific topics that were addressed were the connections between ‘content externalism‘ and ‘vehicle externalism‘, ‘content externalism’ and ‘epistemological externalism‘, and ‘vehicle externalism’ and ‘epistemological externalism’.

The speakers were Sandy Goldberg (Northwestern), Brie Gertler (Virginia), Kati Farkas (CEU), and Chris Kelp (Leuven).

To see the programme of the workshop click here.

Also the day before (Thursday 17th), Rob Rupert kicked the discussion off with his talk on “Embodied knowledge, semantic externalism, and conceptual analysis” (16.00-18.00 at Room 1.17, Dugald Stewart Building).

  • 1st Extended Knowledge Workshop

The first invite-only workshop took place on June 10-11th 2013 at Edinburgh’s award winning Informatics Forum, G.07.

The aim of this first workshop was to provide, for the very first time, a topography of the relevant philosophical terrain with regard to the possible ways in which we could conceive of knowledge as extended. This topography will provide the essential groundwork for the more specific research questions to be tackled in the future (for more info see the Projects page).

The speakers were Prof. Declan Smithies (Ohio), Dr. Cathal O’Madagain (Dublin), and Prof. Peter J. Graham (California, Riverside), Prof. Robert K. Logan (Toronto), Prof. Deborah Tollefsen (Memphis).

To see the program of the workshop click here.

To see pictures from the event click here.


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